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2019 . - Bok . - 176 sider
Who you gonna call? Creature Seekers! Edison Beaker heads back through the Night Door to help his creature friends and thwart his creature foes in another romp of a middle-grade graphic novel from Eisner-nominee Frank Cammuso. After escaping evil Baron Umbra, the sticky Underlings, and other creepy creatures of the Underwhere, Edison Beaker and his young sister, Tesla, are safe at home. And then their creature friend Knox comes calling. She needs help--back on the other side of the Night Door. Edison desperately wants to follow family tradition and become a true Creature Seeker, protecting the world from monsters and mayhem. So what else can he do but follow Knox? (With pesky Tesla and her escape-prone hamster Scuttlebutt in tow, of course!) Edison and crew stumble into a mysterious city that's sinking into darkness. Edison could be a hero and help restore light to the city and its inhabitants who are crushed by gloom. But who can he trust to help him? His old friend Knox, who is acting a little cagey? A new friend, Smudge, who's a dreaded Underling, but seems pretty helpful? And, oh no! Now Baron Umbra is back and wants vengeance! . - Passer for 9-12 år
u 82 C
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Tønsberg bibliotek B tegneserieIkke klar til utlån

The lost city

av Frank Cammuso
Bok utgitt 2019 | Inngår i serie: Edison Beaker, Creature seeker (2)
Ingen ledig (Avd.: Tønsberg bibliotek B - Plassering: tegneserie u 82 C)
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The night door

av Frank Cammuso (by Frank Cammuso)
Bok utgitt 2018 | Inngår i serie: Edison Beaker, Creature seeker (1)
Ingen ledig (Avd.: Tønsberg bibliotek B - Plassering: tegneserier u 82 C)
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