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The Cartoon music book
Austen, Jake (forf.)
Bernstein, Julie
Bernstein, Steve
Care, Ross (forf.)
Chusid, Irwin (forf.)
Clausen, Alf
Corbett, John (forf.)
Curtin, Hoyt
Ehrbar, Greg (forf.)
Friedwald, Will (forf.)
Goldmark, Daniel (redaktør) (forf.)
Granata, Charles L. (forf.)
Jones, Chuck (forf.)
Lang, Edith (forf.)
Lanza, Joseph (forf.)
Miles, Milo (forf.)
Mothersbaugh, Mark
Nicholson, Stuart (forf.)
Stone, Richard
Strauss, Neil (forf.)
Taylor, Yuval (redaktør)
Vincentelli, Elisabeth (forf.)
West, George (forf.)
Whitehead, Kevin (forf.)
Wondrich, David (forf.)
Zorn, John
Chicago, Ill. : Chicago Review Press , 2002
XVI, 320 s. : ill., port.
Diskografi: s. 289-298. - Bibliografi: s. 299-305 . - Innholdsfortegnelse: Tunes for toons: a cartoon music primer / Neil Strauss. Animated cartoons and slap-stick comedy / Edith Lang & George West. Make Walt's music for Disney animation, 1928-1967 / Ross Care ; An interview with Carl Stalling / Mike Barrier. Hidey hidey hidey ho...boop-boop-a doop! The Fleischer Studio and jazz cartoons / Jake Austen. I love to hear a minstrel band: Walt Disney's the band concert / Dave Wondrich. Disney, Stokowski, and the genius of Fantasia / Charles L. Granata. Music and the animated cartoon / Chuck Jones. Classical music and Hollywood cartoons: A primer on the cartoon canon / Daniel Goldmark. Music in cartoons / Scott Bradley. Personality on the sound track: a glimpse behind the scenes and sequences in filmland / Scott Bradley. Make mine music and the end of the swing era / Stuart Nicholson. Sublime perversity: the music of Carl Stalling / Will Friedwald. Carl Stalling, improviser & Bill Lava, acme minimalist / Kevin Whitehead. Raymond Scott: accidental music for animated mayhem / Irwin Chusid. Winston Sharples and the "inner Casper" (or Huey has two mommies) / Will Friedwald. An interview with Hoyt Curtain / Barry Hansen & Earl Kress. Rock 'n' roll cartoons / Jake Austen. "Put one note in front of the other": the music of Maury Laws / Greg Ehrbar. Merrie melodies: cartoon music's contemporary reasurgence / Elisabeth Vincentelli. An interview with Mark Mothersbaugh / Daniel Goldmark. Robots, romance, and Ronin: music in japanese anime / Milo Miles. An interview with Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein, and Julie Bernstein / Daniel Goldmark. An interview with Alf Clausen / Daniel Goldmark. I kid because I love: the music of The Simpsons / Will Friedwald. An interview with John Zorn / Philip Brophy. Rhapsody in spew: romantic underscores in The Ren & Stimpy show / Joseph Lanza. A very visual kind of music: the cartoon soundtrack beyond the screen
Scott, Raymond , Amerikansk , 1908-1994
Stalling, Carl , Amerikansk , 1891-1972
The Simpsons (tv-serie)
Filmmusikk - Animasjonsfilm
Filmmusikk - Anime
Filmmusikk - Tegnefilm
978-1-55652-473-8 (h.)
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